Halloween how-to: framing Jenny

This post is part two of my Halloween how-to about making a framed Jenny Haniver specimen.  Today, I take a look at how to put a paper mache specimen into a picture frame, so you can hang it on your wall.

Here it is, all finished

Close up of the specimen

You can get picture frames with a deep recess in the back which are intended for framing three dimensional objects, but you don't need one of these.  Any picture frame you have lying around your house will get the job done - you just need a shallow cardboard tray to fit in the back.

I then simply covered the tray with some black velvet and secured Jenny to the base of the tray with a little glue.

At this point, you'll no doubt realize that the final step of this project requires jamming the fabric covered tray into the back of the picture frame.  Picture frames have metal flaps or staples, which are intended to hold the photo in the back, but which can also be used to keep the tray in place as shown here.