Halloween earrings

I'm an equal opportunities surrealist.  I make all kinds of weird stuff.  In this case, I'm inspired by those kitschy Christmas earrings with bells and reindeer and such.  And I thought, why not apply that concept to Halloween?  Because I had fun making a dragon's head for my last project, I decided to go with the dragon theme again here.

Here's the earring, just before painting.

Here's the head as it was when I first started it.  Not very impressive so far; just a mouth with some teeth and nothing more, but it'll get better.

A couple of hours later, that proto-head has turned into this:

Add a tail and some hind legs...

And the dragon is finished.  All it needs now is a coat of paint.


  1. I love the uniqueness of this dragon piece. It doesn't just fit with the stereotypical dragon mode. Also the teeth - Oh my :)


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