Quick and dirty specimen jar

This post is all about turning a cheap vase into a specimen jar with the aid of some paper pulp and cold porcelain.

I do love to make specimens, and I'm also a big fan of putting them into jars or test tubes.  The container acts kind of like a frame for the sculpture and keeps it safe from dust, moisture, damage etc.  It also gives the item some context.  Rather than being simply a mummified abomination, it becomes a mummified abomination that someone has collected and popped into a jar for study.  You find yourself wondering who might have collected it, and why.

Let's get on with it, shall we?  I've started off with a vase.  Pretty much any vase will work for this; it needn't even be glass.  I've made a paper pulp lid that fits into the top of the vase, and added a small lip at the edge plus a plate of cold porcelain on top to give some textural interest.  At the moment I'm quite keen on the creamy, translucent surface you can get with cold porcelain when you add a large quantity of mineral oil to the mix (translation: I accidentally put far too much mineral oil in there and decided to use it anyway).

I also moulded my signature into the bottom of the lid.

Next, it gets a paint job and some polyurethane, and a knob made from a wooden bead.

And there you have it, folks.  A nice easy specimen jar.  Next time on Seditiosus I'll show you what I put in the specimen jar.