Painting the hand

It's time to paint the hand.  

First up, the fingernails and areas of exposed bone on the fingers get coloured.  These areas are given a base coat of yellow ochre with a white glaze over top.

I've painted the skin using thin layers of raw umber, burnt umber, and ultramarine blue glaze.  This gives the skin a fantastic blue-grey, decaying zombie colour.  I've also rubbed a bit of this glaze into the fingernails so they blend in with the rest of the hand.

I use glazes a lot when painting.  In my case, glaze simply means acrylic paint thinned with water.  You can, and technically should, use actual glaze medium instead of the water, but I don't.  Why?  Because I would have to buy some isopropyl alcohol and mix it up with various other substances and it really is substantially easier just to turn on the kitchen tap.  My projects seldom require a smooth pigment covering anyway. 

Here's the hand from the top.  You can see how it will wrap around the beer cooler.