Nøkk specimen

The nøkk is a shapeshifting beastie from Scandinavian mythology that lives in waterways and lures unwary people into the water where he can eat them.  I've posted about this little guy quite a few times now, and I'm happy to say he's finally finished.
Here we see the nøkk in his real form, with reptilian yellow eyes and a big mouth full of sharp teeth.

Here's a close up of label:

At this point my Swedish-speaking readers may be having a good laugh at my expense.  My grasp of Swedish would best be described as "rudimentary", so I used Google Translate for the label.  The label says (or at least it does as far as I know): “Juvenile nøkk from Tiveden forest.  It was caught by a fisherman who found it trying to climb into his boat.”