Making a book using MS Publisher

You know, it occurs to me that in my last post I showed you a facsimile of the 1744 edition of Systema Naturae, but I didn't actually explain where Microsoft Publisher comes into the picture.  Today I'm going to explain in more detail how I used Publisher to make the book's pages.

What you're seeing here is a screenshot of the process.  Each block of text there is a scan of a page from the original book.  You can also use text boxes and type in your own text.

You can see I've got publisher set up to show two pages side by side.  That's because I needed to print double sided.  I wanted to have book pages that are printed on both sides.

Each set of two pages in the sidebar on the screen there represents one printed page, which I then cut in half horizontally.  I arranged the text blocks so the two halves could stack inside each other and folded them down the middle.  Result: nice printed book pages.