Alien fur rug

Readers who've seen Attack the Block will probably recognise this one.  I love that movie.  Predictably, I especially love the aliens with their glowing phosphorescent teeth.  My favourite scene is the one where you see what looks like cheesy glowing eyes, and the dude says "I don't think they're eyes...", and then you realise what you're actually looking at.  So cool.  I think a lot of the impact of that scene comes from the fact that it looks so cheesy at first, and you therefore don't expect something scary-awesome to happen.

Anyways, a little while ago I saw this hat based on the aliens from Attack the Block.  And I thought, wow, that's cool.  I would like one of those.  But there's no point in me making a hat, because I never wear them.  I come from Viking stock.  I don't wear coats in the winter, let alone hats.  So I thought, a rug!  One of those jobs with a taxidermied head!  Awseome sauce!

So I made one.  It's exactly the same principle as the more traditional bear skin rug; the only difference is that there are no actual animal parts involved.  Like the movie that inspired it, it's a fun little project that isn't afraid to be a bit cheesy.  

For bonus fun, the teeth really do glow in the dark.


  1. Great stuff Stella! I love this blog. Just subscribed. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The most excellent touch...the glow in the dark teeth so that your strangely terrifying yet cozily adorable rug alien monster can't sneak up on you at night.

    Thou hast skills :)


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