Sculpting a body

So far I've talked about sculpting a face, and I've talked about sculpting hands and feet.  Now it's time for the (to me) less exciting but no less important process of making a body to connect those things together.  Now, where did I put my number 8 wire?

Here we go.  We've got a very simple armature here made from scrap paper (pro tip: use the glossy junk mail that's no good for anything else) with a wire spine.

And here it is with legs attached.  The key here is to get the shape of the muscles under the skin.

Finished legs with skin on them

And that's it for now.  Why?  Because I have to wait for the legs to dry before I do anything else and my God does it take forever.  This is why I hate winter.  Nothing dries at this time of year.