Making hands

My favourite parts of a sculpture are the face and hands.  These are the areas that establish the kind of personality the piece will have, so for me they're the most interesting parts. Previously, I talked about making a face, and today I'm going to talk about making the hands to go with it.

Finished hand. 

Because it's not a human hand, and also because I miscalculated and found I didn't have quite enough claws, I've made it with three fingers which are slightly webbed.  I made the claws out of cold porcelain, the same way I did with the teeth, and you could do ordinary human fingernails with that stuff as well, though I've had great results with paper.

Fingernail made with paper

Each finger is made separately, and then they're glued onto a piece of card that forms the palm.  After that, it's just a matter of building up the soft tissue areas.

Naturally, I also made a pair of feet using the same method.