Skeleton mould: part 2

Previously, I blogged about making part 1 of the skeleton mould.  In part 2, I'll be talking about moulding the long bones, i.e. the arms and legs.  Here's the arms and legs mould:

Legs are on the right side of the mould, arms are on the left.  I'll give more details about how I make the bones after the jump.

The bones originally start out as a piece of twisted foil, like this:

The start of a humerus

...and then I add more detail with paper pulp.  When they're finished, they look like this:

Two thigh bones

I do the tibia and fibula together as one unit, and the same for the radius and ulna.

Tibia and fibula on the left, radius and ulna on the right

You'll notice I haven't yet had a stab at doing the hands and feet.  I'm putting that off because as you can see, this is a really small skeleton and there are a lot of bones in hands and feet.  I'm not looking forward to doing   dozens of tiny little bones that will have to be maybe five millimeters long.  Also, I have something slightly different in mind for this particular skeleton.