Night light no.1

Happy solstice everybody! 
I’m not religious about these things, I just don’t like short days.  They make me sleepy.  At this time of year the only thing I really want to do is hibernate in a cocoon of blankets on the couch, emerging periodically to top up my blood alcohol levels and shovel more coal on the fire.  Unfortunately I can’t do this because I have a job, and it does not slow down just because I’m feeling sluggish.  Quite the opposite in fact, because 31 June is the end of the financial year.
So I’m always excited about the winter solstice, because it means the days will start to get longer again and I’ll have more energy.  Since today is the shortest day here in the southern hemisphere, today’s contribution to the Seditiosus exhibition is a night light.


As with the death worm, the mouth parts are very loosely based on a Barnacle.  More photos after the jump.

The base is just an ordinary LED night light, such as you can get at your local hardware store.  I contemplated having the base entirely covered by critter with the light shining out in a kind of halo effect, but decided instead to have it sitting on top, as if it was attracted to the light.

Finally, here's a photo of the critter before it was finished.

At this point it's nearly done; it just needs to be painted.