Mummified demon

In my last post, I talked about making a mummified skull out of paper mache.  In this post, I'm going to talk about putting the skull on a body.  Reguar readers may remember the moulded paper skeleton I made a little while ago.  I used that skeleton for this project.

Because I made the skeleton in a mould, it was simply a matter of gluing the bits together, adding some soft tissue, and painting it.  I find it's easier to add skin to the torso before sticking the arms on, so in the first picture the mummified demon has skin, but no arms.

Legs and some skin attached, but no arms or tail yet

You can see how using the moulded skeleton means the ribs and shoulder blades are visible under the skin.

Another reason for using the mould is that I wanted the mummy to be partially skeletized.  In this photo you can see how part of the skull, ribcage and pelvis are exposed.  You can also see why I didn't bother to mould the extremities for this one.  The hands aren't skeletal, and because it's a demon I gave it hooves instead of feet.  I will get around to moulding the extremities at some point.  Promise. 

And here it is, all finished:

Close up of the partially visible skeleton

The skin was painted very simply with a mixture of burnt sienna and raw umber.  Painting the bones was a bit more complex; I used white, burnt umber, ultramarine and yellow oxide to get that colour, with a thin burnt sienna wash over top.


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